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Create your tailor-made quiz for a birthday with friends or family!

The same question comes up every year. What is a good idea for a birthday party for a friend, someone in the family

Quiz Room will cement the bond between your guests with a fun and simple activity for everyone to join in. Toute cette préparation peut sembler fastidieuse mais reste toutefois une étape palpitante qui apporte une bonne dose de bonheur dans nos vies.

The little touch that will make the difference could well be the personalisation of the questions; your questions will be integrated into your quiz for a surprise effect that no one is expecting! You can also privatize our living area for a big celebration

A birthday with friends like no other

Whatever game you choose (excluding special quizzes), Quiz Room offers you a tailor-made experience thanks to the creation of a player profile for each participant, taking into account the age and interests of each person.

Our software takes these specificities into account to offer you an appropriate series of questions, and will be sure to exclude questions that may have already been asked during previous quizzes.Our games have many surprises in store for you with a TV style set that’ll make you believe you’re really there, and where things get pretty hot between contestants pretty quickly!

Organize an unforgettable birthday

As well as choosing question categories that will give you a great time, you can also add your own questions for maximum party fun with The Original Quiz.

In the Original Music Quiz, the setup will remind you of the best moments from the famed American show Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Whether alone or in a team, and whatever the number of players, you’ll sing as loudly as on the best bday night out with friends - but this time around on a TV podium!

Our featured questions

Our questions will keep you on your toes with a variety of formats and themes: complete movie lines, identify a band, name a celebrity in a photo, use your reasoning to find the right answer... the variety of questions is what sets us apart!

Some questions do not require previous knowledge, but rather call upon your common sense or your powers of observation and memorization.

A one-of-kind birthday

As well as choosing question categories that will give you a great time, you can also add your own questions for maximum party fun. How will your lifelong friend react when the whole room has to answer the question: “When did Jonathan last visit the gym?”

To customise up to 10 questions, select this option when reserving online then follow our format guidelines and submit your questions at least 5 days prior to your booking with us.

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