Quiz Room booking in Mons

Book online a Quiz Room play for 4 to 18 players by choosing your favorite time slot, you can then check our different options if you want.

For a same day reservation, please contact us by phone at 065 59 00 31

<<Team Building>> reservations from 6 to 18 players can be done either online or with our team. Reservations for tournaments from 18 to 36 players, «Anniversaries», «Team Building» with a buffet + drinks formula, EVJG/EVJF, please send us an email via our contact form by clicking HERE.

1 Quiz Room session = 2 games = 60 questions = +/- 1h15

From 4 to 5 players: 18€

From 6 to 18 players: 15€

3rd part: +6€/pax. Only s/place (subject to availability)

- Custom questions: +50€/group —> You can create and integrate up to 10 custom questions in your game. Questions must be sent to us 5 working days maximum before your arrival

- Option «Team Building»: +29€/group —> We compose your teams (Duo or Trio) in advance + award ceremony with 1 T-Shirt given to each of the winners + group photo during your game

- Options «Children/Adults/EVJG/EVJF birthdays" —> You can check these options directly when booking online

- For bookings of more than 18 people. , you will need to book 2 slots with 1/2 hour intervals. Don’t panic, both teams will play at the same time

The «Quiz Room Mons» is part of the «GOOLFY // LASER GAME» leisure center of MONS, the only center with 9 activities gathered on a single site.