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The dream birthday for children

You're looking for an original activity to celebrate your child's birthday from 8 years old with his friends? Quiz Room is the brand new activity that combines fun and reflection, speed and cooperation... and above all that will give all children stars in their eyes and memories for a long time!

Like a dream!

Delight your children and their friends by organizing a unique, fun-filled birthday party at Quiz Room! They won't be able to contain their excitement when they discover our TV game show-style set, with its buzzers and immersive lighting atmosphere.

The kids will take part in a quiz full of twists and turns, with different rules for different segments, and wildcards<.b> to spice up 2 rounds of surprise after surprise. Fun and friendly competition come together to create unforgettable memories! Ideal for children between 8 and 14 years old, with a minimum of one accompanying adult (for children under 8 years old, please organize a family session with teams of one parent and one child instead). Who can say a child never wish to take place in a TV show with lights, buzzers and sounds in Paris la Villette!

Special kids' session

The Quiz Room can welcome between 4 to 18 players. The session lasts bewteen 1 hour and 1:10 and includes 2 games.

The questions are adapted to the kids'age (from 8 years old). Here, questions are fun, entertaining, accessible and playful Evryone stands a chance!

Designed for children and young teens

Quiz Room Kids is our quiz designed for children, where they can express themselves without judgment with a dose of common sense, curiosity and strategy.

The questions are adapted to the age of the children. With us, fun and accessible questions about animals, science, films and cartoons ... And a few questions that will awaken children's memories and observation, so that everyone has their chance.

Customized questions (optional)

Out of the 60 questions of the two games, you can decide up to 10 questions.
Don't panic, we'll explain how to do it. We'll send you instructions and a file to fill up with questions and answers (only one true); ask your surroundings for ideas and creativity it will prepare and gather everyone around this future original meeting with friends and family.

This little effort will bring a + dose of fun and will make the event all the more unique and memorable! Our comedians and actress will record your questions for an even cooler moment! The kids will go crazy with this suprise!

Gifts and snacks! (optionnel)

By choosing the "Child's birthday" option when booking online with your Quiz Room, Quiz Room will offer a Quiz Room t-shirt to the child celebrating his birthday and to each of the winners, given at the prize giving ceremony Game.

Give the birthday boy and each winner an "I am the Room Master Quiz" t-shirt. The t-shirt is given at the end of the awards ceremony, in the Quiz Room. Blow out the candles in the room then join our lounge for a snack as you wish: bring games, play a music playlist ...

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Kids' birthday options and prices at Quiz Room Paris la Villette



4 to 6 kids
Birthday party
+8€ per kid