Quiz room for Kids

Quiz Room Kids is the whole Quiz Room experience redesigned for kids! As for the older kids, it's not only knowledge that counts. You'll also have to be quick and know how to use your jokers strategically.

So that everyone has a chance to win, we've created questions adapted to the youngest, with accessible themes and subjects that will speak to children without reminding them too much of school!

Animals and human body

Quiz Musique
What color is the milk of hippos? What animal has square droppings? What are the ulna and the radius? These questions are made for those who are passionate about small furry animals (or not) and for those whose ultimate dream is to be a subscriber to Sciences & Vie Junior!

Cartoons and TV Show

Quiz cinéma et séries
What is the name of the piggy bank in Toy Story? In which cartoon does the hero face Team Rocket? What is the name of Harry Potter's best friend? And many other questions for little fans of the big screen or big fans of the small screen!

The whole games universe

Quiz Musique
What color hat does Wario, Mario's enemy, wear? In which outdoor game can you reach "Heaven"? In which card game should you avoid getting a "+4"? Questions about the games... but beware: the answers are not child's play!


Quiz sport
How many players make up a handball team ? Which French soccer player is often compared to a Ninja Turtle? What is the name of the instrument used to hit the ball in baseball? Answer these questions and show everyone that you are the one who deserves the gold medal!


Quiz Musique
From which cartoon is the song "Je voudrais déjà être roi" taken? Who is the brother of the singer Angèle? Which member of the jury of The Voice Kids is the singer of the song "Andalouse"? You don't need to know how to sing to become a music star at Quiz Room!

And more

Quiz société
Why is white chocolate actually white? What is the oldest Haribo candy? In France, where does the President of the Republic live? Who said that you can't learn by having fun?

Custom questions

For a birthday party, it is possible to integrate your own questions for an even more unique experience!

The children will feel even more involved... laughter guaranteed! After choosing this option at the time of booking, you will receive a writing guide and a document on which you will write your questions.

The questions must be written at the latest 3 days before your Quiz Room session, the time for us to have them recorded by our great comedians!