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Data storage respect


1.     Quizz Room takes great care in the management and protection of your personal data.

2.     As part of its activities, Quizz Room provides consumers with ane-commerce service accessible from the website (the "Website") through which Quizz Room offers the supply of services (the "Services") relating to the reservation of leisure rooms (the "Rooms") in order to conclude sales contracts (the "Contracts") with a consumer (the "Purchaser"), under the terms of which Quizz Room makes one or more Rooms available to leisure participants (the "Participants").

3.     To ensure its service, Quizz Room collects, via its Website and in its premises, personal data on users of the Website (the "Users"; including Purchasers) and Participants. 


The purpose of this document is to inform you about the way Quizz Room collects, uses, processes and transmits your personal data. 


1.     The data controller is Quizz Room, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €1266.00, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 841 563 042, whose registered office is at 9 rue Guénégaud, Paris 75006.

2.     Quizz Room undertakes to comply with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data.


1.    The data collected by Quizz Room can be directly transmitted by:
-       the User when browsing the Website or when forming and executing an order for products (the "Order");
-       the Participants, before or on the occasion of their visit to the Quizz Room premises.

This information include surname, first names, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and areas of interest.

Quizz Room may also collect pictures of the Participants, captured during the game, after obtaining the Participant's agreement.

2.    Quizz Room may collect the above-mentioned information about the Participants through the Purchaser in the context of the execution of the Contract.

3.    Quizz Room may also collect data via Cookies. A cookie does not personally identify a User but allows its issuer to recognize the User's terminal and to collect a certain amount of information relating to the navigation carried out from this terminal. The User is invited to consult the section below dedicated to Cookies.

4.    Quizz Room can also collect data through standard Internet technologies such as Scripts and then Pixels. These technologies make it possible to collect information relating to the use of the Quizz Room Website, the presence of cookies on the User's Terminal, the reading or not of e-mails sent by Quizz Room and the clicks made on the links contained in these e-mails. 


A. Legal basis for data processing

1.     Quizz Room collects and processes your personal data in accordance with the legal basis provided by laws and regulations in force:
a.   Performance of the contract - example: processing and execution of an order; opening and management of a Quizz Room account in order to be able to display the name of the Participants on the leisure desks, to avoid asking the same questions several times or to propose questions adapted to the profile of the Participants and thus to execute the best possible execution of the contractual services provided by Quizz Room;
b.   Fulfilment of a legal obligation - keeping invoices;
c.   Legitimate interests pursued by Quizz Room - such as processing for commercial purposes, for fraud prevention or to preserve the security of computer networks and, in any case, in respect of your freedoms and fundamental rights that prevail over the legitimate interests of Quizz Room;
d.   User consent.

B. Purposes of Quizz Room

1.     Quizz Room collects and saves personal data of users to carry out the following treatments:


Legal basis

-     of the customer account
-     of the shopping cart
-     of orders
-     of the customer relationship
-     order tracking
-     the leisure profile of the Participants
-     of the after-sales services
-     of the reinbursements

Performance of the contract
Quizz Room's legitimate interest

Recording of exchanges between customer service and consumers

Quizz Room's legitimate interest: improving service quality

Video surveillance and sound monitoring of recreation rooms

Performance of the contract
Quizz Room's legitimate interest

Customer Satisfaction Management

Quizz Room's legitimate interest: improving the quality of the product and service offer

Fight against fraud during the payment of the order and management of unpaid orders

Performance of the contract
Quizz Room's legitimate interest

Operations of statistics, analysis, selection and segmentation of customers

Client consent
Quizz Room's legitimate interest

Sending targeted commercial offers by email, on social networks, on other websites or any other medium

Client consent

Personalization of the sites according to the user's affinities

Client consent

Pictures of Participants

Client consent

Measurement of site traffic

Client consent

Provision of sharing tools on social networks

Client consent

Sharing information with business partners

Performance ofthe contract
Client Consent for Prospecting Transactions

2.     For the processing of data requiring User consent, the User has the option of withdrawing consent by sending a request to [email protected]


A. General

1.     Personal data collected and processed by Quizz Room may be transmitted to:
-     Quizz Room partners who can process them on their behalf (the "Recipients"),
-     Quizz Room's partners who can process them on behalf of and according to Quizz Room's instructions (the "Subcontractors").

2.     The recipients are:
-     the professional staff of Quizz Room,
-     the police authorities in the context of judicial requisitions concerning the fight against fraud,
-     customs services in case of delivery abroad,
-     commercial partners and in particular marketing and advertising agencies.

3.     Quizz Room can use subcontractors for the following operations:
-     secure payment on the Site,
-     the fight against fraud and the recovery of unpaid debts,
-     the management of instant messaging, telephone calls, their possible recording and the sending of postal mail,
-     the personalization of the content of the sites,
-     carrying out technical maintenance and development operations for the Quizz Room website and information system,
-     the collection of customer reviews,
-     the dispatch of commercial prospecting emails.

4.     Quizz Room may also share personal data in the event of a subsequent change in the structure of the Quizz Room company, in particular in the event of the sale, transfer or merger of the company or part of it. Quizz Room will then ensure that the other party complies with the laws and regulations inforce regarding the protection of personal data. 

B. Transmission outside the EU

1.     The data collected by Quizz Room is stored in the European Union.

2.     However, for the purposes set out above, personal data may be transferred to companies located in countries outside the European Union.

3.     In this case, Quizz Room ensures that personal data is only transferred outside the European Union to third countries ensuring an adequate level ofprotection and recognised as such by the European Commission, companies certified under the Privacy Shield or companies guaranteeing an adequate level of protection through the existence of binding corporate rules, otherwise known as Binding corporate rules.

4.     For example, the exploitation of personal data in connection with social networks may result in a transfer to the United States.

5.     Users are invited to consult the pages of social networks relating to the protection of personal data.  


1.     In order to ensure user control over personal data, Quizz Room guarantees the proper exercise of the rights available to users.

2.     Thus, every natural person has the right to exercise the following rights:
-     Right of access to treatment
-     Right to object to processing
-     Right to rectify the processing
-     Right to limit data processing
-     Right to oppose profiling
-     Right to data portability
-     Right to deletion

3.     The persons concerned by the processing of personal data can exercise their rights with the company Quizz Room :
-     By post: 9 rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris, France
-     Electronically : [email protected]

4.     The application must be accompanied by proof of identity.

5.     Quizz Room has a period of one month to reply from receipt of the request. A 2-month extension is possible, depending on the complexity and number of requests, provided that the person concerned has been informed within the initial one-month period.

6.     In the event of exercising a right to object to marketing profiling, the user is informed that he will continue to receive commercial solicitations, but these will be less relevant and will no longer be targeted according to his interests.

7.     If there is no reply or an unsatisfactory reply, the data subject may refer the matter to the supervisory authority of his country of residence (in France: CNIL.FR). 


1.     The user has the right to set guidelines for the storage, deletion and disclosure of his data after his death. These guidelines may be general (concerning all processing of personal data) or specific (concerning only specific data processing).

2.     The user may formulate advance directives at the following address: [email protected]


1.     The data processed are kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.

2.     The starting point of the storage period for personal data differs depending on whether the User is a Purchaser and/or Participant ("Customer" User) or not ("Prospect" User):
-     Customer: the starting point of the storage period is the date of the last purchase or the last participation in a leisure activity proposed by Quizz Room ;
-     Prospectus: the starting point of the storage period is the date of account creation.

3.     Certain types of treatment are subject to a specific shelf life. For example, invoices related to purchases are kept for 10 years; personal data collected when creating a Quizz Room account or a "Participant" or "Player" profile are kept for 5 years from the last activity; data related to the execution of an order are kept until 5 years after the end of the performance of the obligations; personal data collected during navigation on the Site are kept for 9 months from the last activity; personal data collected during the provision of the service known as "Personalized Questions" are kept until 3 months after their communication by the Purchaser.


1.     As the data controller, Quizz Room carefully monitors the security and confidentiality of the data collected and processed.

2.     Quizz Room benefits from appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of the buildings housing its systems, the security of the computer system to prevent external access to personal data and having secure copies of your data.

3.     Quizz Room takes great care in selecting subcontractors according to their ability to ensure the security of the processing by appropriate measures.

4.     Quizz Room does not collect bank details from Purchasers, as they are redirected to the payment provider Stripe. Quizz Room invites the Purchasers to consult the page relating to the protection of personal data of the said provider


1.     Quizz Room proposes to use social networks to improve the commercial relationship and to offer you targeted advertising offers on these networks.

2.     The use of social networks to interact with Quizz Room is likely to result in data exchanges between Quizz Room and these social networks.

3.     Quizz Room invites you to consult the personal data management policies of the various social networks to find out what personal data may be transmitted by them.  


Quizz Room can use your contact information to send you targeted advertising, notably by email and SMS.

A. Prospecting by email and SMS

1.     The preliminary and express consent of the user is required priori to sending commercial prospecting by electronic means.

2.    When creating a customer account on the Site, the consent of User is expressly requested in order to :
-     send Quizz Room offers by email,
-     send offers from Quizz Room's partners to whom your contact details would be sent,
-     send Quizz Room offer SMS.

3.     Except for the exceptions detailed below, Quizz Room will not send you personalised solicitations by email or sms if you have not consented to it.

4.     In the absence of any preliminary, express consent from the User, the User may however be targeted by commercial offers if he has already made a purchase via the Site provided the commercial offer deals with similar products or services.

5.     In any case and at any time, the User has the possibility to block the receipt of these solicitations by carrying out the following actions:
-     For email solicitations, by clicking on the unsubscribe link inserted in each email;
-     For SMS solicitations, by sending a message containing only the words "Stop SMS" to the number indicated in the message.

B. Advertising retargeting

1.     Quizz Room may use the services of third-party companies whose role isto identify Internet users who have already visited our website and to send them personalized e-mails.

2.     These companies use cookies to distinguish users and then to personalize the advertisements that these users receive based on their browsing history.

3.     This mechanism explains that a user who has browsed the Quizz Room website can receive an advertising email without having given his email address to Quizz Room.

4.     This processing may involve partners who have already collected your e-mail address, as well as your consent to allow the sending of advertising. In this case, you may object to this type of processing. Currently, Quizz Room does not use third party partners.


A. General

1.     Cookies are trackers placed on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), particularly when you consult a website or read an e-mail, which enable you to monitor browsing or analyse the behaviour of the Internet user in order to facilitate navigation and activate certain functions.

2.     There are two types of cookies:
a.   The first party cookies deposited by Quizz Room for the purposes of navigation and operation of the site;
b.   Third party cookies deposited by third party partner companies in order to identify your areas of interest and to send you personalized offers on our site. These tracers are directly managed by the companies that publish them and must also comply with data protection regulations. 

B. Purposes of the use of cookies, tags and tracers

Quizz Room may use first party Cookies or third-party Cookies for the following purposes:
-      Allow the use of the main features of the Site (Quizz Room cookies essential to the use of the Site);
-      Adapt the presentation of our site according to the terminal used and/or according to the affinities of each user;
-      Memorize information related to a form you have filled out on our Site ;
-      Allow users to access reserved and personal areas on the Site ;
-      Implementing security measures ;
-      To establish statistics and volumes of frequentation and use of the elements composing our services (audience measurement cookies);
-      To share information with advertisers on other websites and to offer advertisements that are relevant and in line with your interests (advertising cookies);
-      Share information on social networks (share cookies to social networks).

C. Setting up the deposit of cookies, tags and trackers

1.     Quizz Room collects your consent prior to any deposit of advertising cookies, audience measurement and sharing to social networks.

2.     At any time, the user can change his or her cookie preferences in the following ways:
a.     Browser settings:
-     Safari™ :,
-     Chrome™: ,
-     Firefox™: ,
-     For Opera™ :

b.     setting up your smartphone's operating system :
-       iOS :
-       Android :