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An unforgettable occasion that will be a unanimous hit in Mons

Are you looking for a unique experience to celebrate an event, or simply to share time with family or friends for a special occasion?

Quiz Room is the brand new activity for a fun and uninhibited event that is totally customisable (even the questions!).

Bachelor party, hen party, extracurricular activities, new birth, celebration, graduation, promotion... we celebrate all these events at Quiz Room and we understand what you need! Please contact us via our form or by phone on 065 59 00 31 if you have a specific request.

Fun, convivial, and accessible to all!

Quiz Room is accessible to everyone: here, anyone can win and all knowledge is useful (ingredients for a chocolate cake, lyrics by Rihanna, DiCaprio's Cesar...). We have plenty of surprises in store for you, and some questions don't involve any prior knowledge at all (memorize the elements of an image, use your reasoning skills to deduct the answer...) Rest assured, the game was designed for companies and the wide variety of strengths within their staff.

To match all the teams, we have a version of the game in English (international culture only) and a version of the game in French (with French and international culture).

Your tailor-made event

We build with you a tailor-made event because your occasion is unique. We can accommodate up to 36 people (children or adults or both) at the same time in the majority of our cities. Groups of 8 to 18 people all play together in the same room; for groups of 20 to 36 people, we organize a tournament with 2 rooms (qualifying games, then play-offs and finals).
For groups of fewer than 8 players, we invite you to book your session online.

Stag do/Bachelorette party

How do you make the bachelorette party of the future bride, or the stag night of the groom to be, a unique and truly personalised event? Only Quiz Room knows the secret! Each session consists of 2 games of 30min and a prize giving (1h to 1h10 of play).

Find information especially for groups of besties and mates here: please contact us via our contact form or by calling us on 065 59 00 31

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Teens: Leisure centres, summer camps, sports teams, school activities

Looking to freshen up outings and activities with teenagers that will take them by surprise? Whether you are a summer camp, a student organisation or a small group of teenagers, we are happy to welcome your team from from 10 years old and upwards. Perhaps you're a trainer, but it's impossible to train because of the weather and you find yourself with a group of hyperactive young people? Book a session at Quiz Room!

Psst! Remember you can customise the questions. We explain how it works to you, you write the questions, and then we have them recorded by our great actors and integrate them into your Quiz Room game session.

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Education: learning while having fun outside the classroom

Children and teenagers learn best while having fun. Find out how Quiz Room is the best way of changing their daily schoolwork routine to help them retain much more information with a change of environment!We offer educators, English teachers and students' parents the opportunity to teach English with our clever international quiz!

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Family reunion or get together

Apart from birthdays, baptisms and weddings, there are other quality moments we can spend with family when we need something a little different to bring us together, mix the generations and unite us...
Quiz Room invites you to meet and interact, to bicker as only a family can do whilst immersed in a TV set style game.And then share some extra quality time after the game...

For all budgets, all tastes and all occasions (breakfast, lunch, snack, cocktail, dinner), our centre has what it takes.

Psst! Ask for our catering brochure when you request a quote.

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