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Extracurricular activity ideas that stand out!

The ultimate aim when thinking of extracurricular activity examples is your child’s development. Seeing your child with a huge smile on their face as they go to join their group in their free time is a thing of beauty! Quiz Room provides extracurricular activities for kids or teens. Are you a school teacher, school supervisor, head teacher or parent of a school-age child looking for a break from normal activities in school? Are you in pursuit of new additional activities that promote interest, further student life and provide moments to celebrate student success? A game in the form of a quiz is a great example of an extracurricular activity for teens!  There’s even a French version!

A quiz that’s customised for all ages

Everyone needs a moment of relaxation! Especially children of all ages! They need to unwind, and you know better than anyone that the best way to make the experience memorable is to have fun. Quiz Room lets you see the game as an educational quiz. Your students will be thrilled to take part either during holidays as part of a youth centre or as a break from lessons during term time. This trip will let students shake off stress and school pressure that some feel more than others, as well as letting them learn in a different environment. Using a change of scene will facilitate new conversations and help students create new memories together.

An entertaining extracurricular activity

Quiz Room offers a huge range of activities, whether your students are music fans (let’s face it, teens listen to music in almost any situation): whether they are the first to try to answer the unusual questions you ask in class, or whether they are addicted to social media or the web in general, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our quizzes. If you can recognise your students in this description, Quiz Room is a great solution for your choice of fun extracurricular activity.

Bring your students to Quiz Room© ! 

At Quiz Room your students will get an engaging experience on an entertaining TV platform. Don’t miss out on booking a session, as your students will love it. You can even customise questions to highlight educational themes or those related to your establishment.

Your customed questions (optional)

Decided to organise a Quiz Room trip as a teacher and want to go the extra mile to customise the experience for your students beyond the classroom?
You can make your mark on this event by customising 10 questions to find out whether students have learnt key information from your lessons or just entertain them away from schoolwork. We’ll explain the format, and you write the questions that we will then have recorded by our presenters and incorporate them into your Quiz Room session. Book online or via customer services.

Make use of our space after the quiz (optional) with your students

Most of our centres have a room or space where you can bring your students together for a snack or play games, present something etc. A great way to finish off the school year with your favourite students.

Make on online booking or contact the customer services

Choose a caterer or special menu (option)

Most of our centres work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer you a selection of catering packages along with  non-alcoholic drinks, for all budgets, all tastes and lunch, light snack, tea time etc.).
Your students will be delighted to share moments together after their Quiz Room experience to talk about those questions that got away. You’ll see a new level of inspiration in your students.

Ask for the catering and drinks brochure when you request a quote!
Online booking via the sales service