Hit the buzzer on a real-life set that's better than on TV

The first immersive quiz where anyone can win, and you'll have 100 times more fun than by sitting on your couch.
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The first immersive Quiz Room©

Since 2019 in Paris

Quiz Room is the quiz that stumps straight-A students, while their more playful classmates delight in setting traps for them.

immersion quiz room


quiz room

Hit the buzzer on a real-life set
that's better than on TV.

fun quiz room


quiz room

Anything can happen
until you answer the last question

signature qiuestions quiz room

Signature questions

quiz room

Questions that are surprising,
but never obsure

Plan your visit

We have 2 identical Quiz Rooms © in Paris that can accommodate up to 18 players each, from Monday to Sunday.

Quiz Room

(4 to 18 players)

With friends or family… Discover or re-discover Quiz Room © with 2 games sessions

Celebrating something?

(4 to 18 players)

Customize some of the questions for an even more unique birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party...!

Team Building

(8 to 36 players)

We adapt to all your requests, up to 36 people. Tournaments, breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, privatizations...