Our themed questions

Our themes will delight class clowns and smart-alecs alike. They are varied and accessible to all, and do not always require prior knowledge (observation, memorization ...).

Our questions are presented in a variety of modern formats (videos, sounds...): complete song lyrics, identify scenes from films, recognize celebrities from their childhood photos, place a city on a map... and many other kinds of questions await you in the Quiz Room! You'll see, you know more than you think!

Quiz "à la carte"

It's the classic formula. Build your own quiz from one or more of these 6 themes.

On game day, your à la carte quiz will be set up for you ahead of time thanks to the"player profiles" created for each participant before the session. You will be able to make changes on the spot with the Quiz Master if you wish.


Music quiz Paris
No need for a perfect ear to be a buzzer virtuoso! Show off your knowledge of music culture - song lyrics, blind tests, stars' biographies - and don't be shy, sing along to distract your opponents!

Cinema & series

Cine quiz Paris
Do you know all the lines to legendary Hollywood movies? Do you think you're the Snow Queen herself? Did you love the dialog in The Artist? SPOILER ALERT! Here you will find questions about the world of cinema and TV shows!


Sports quiz Paris
Are you in good shape? Have you been working on your tactics? Warm ups are over, it's quiz day at Quiz Room! If you're unbeatable when it comes to Luis Suarez' bites and curling has no secrets for you, tie your shoelaces and sprint towards victory!


Lifestyle quiz Paris
Who designed the Chupa Chups logo? Why does Mario Bros wear a moustache? Why is white chocolate white? In this category, you don't have to be a Harvard graduate to score points. The school of life might be all you need.


Society quiz Paris
What's the red button in Trump's office for? Why is taking a selfie more dangerous than swimming with sharks? Which country has the longest life expectancy? From big headlines to random news stories, these topics are sure to have been on your radar. It's your turn.

Top of the class

Trivia quiz Paris
Nerd! Is that what they called you on the playground? Now is the time to take revenge for all those years of suffering... impress your former classmates and give them a hard time about history, geography, or quantum physics. So, who's the teacher's pet?

2. The special quizzes coming soon


French songs

Personalized Questions

For special events (birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, going-away parties...) or team building days, throw in your own questions for an even more unique experience!

After choosing this option upon making your reservation, you will receive a writing guide and a document where you will compile your questions. Questions must be written at least 3 days before your Quiz Room session, so that we have time to get them recorded by our great actors.