Quiz Room Kids

Quiz Room Kids is THE immersive game dedicated to children If you are looking for an original activity for your children and their friends, our quiz is made for them! A fun and immersive game for a fun afternoon or an unusual birthday!

Play with questions suitable for children aged 8 to 14

Quiz Room Kids is a quiz in a TV set setting that lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 10 minutes with 2 parts included, and where the questions and the dynamics of the game are adapted to the age of the children.

A fun and immersive game

With rules that change with each of the 3 rounds and multiple jokers at their disposal, children will be called upon to use their strategic side! What a great time to spend with friends in a setting that will make them dream from the moment they enter the room!

Personalize the questions for an even crazier birthday (optional)

You can customize up to 10 questions out of the 60 questions that make up the 2 games.

Don't panic, we'll explain how to do it. This little effort will bring a dose of fun and will make the event all the more unique and memorable!

Celebrate the birthday after the games! (optional)

It is possible to privatize our lounge after the games to celebrate your child's birthday! Bring a snack, bring games, play your playlist... The lounge is at your disposal to organize an unforgettable birthday party! Included: rental for 1h30 max, soft drinksNot included: cake and buffet

Price: +8€ per child

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Ok, so how does it work?

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The group arrives 10 minutes early on D-Day

quiz room

Kids choose their nicknames before playing

quiz room

The Quiz Master launches the session

quiz room

Kids buzz for 1h to 1h10 (2 games)

Quiz Room Lille Pricing (2 games)

2 games - 4 à 5 pers.
2 games - 6 à 18 pers.
3rd game (on site only)
Custom Questions
Team Building
+ 8€
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