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Quiz Room Kids by Quiz Room©:
play with kids!

Quiz Room Kids is THE immersive game dedicated to children If you are looking for an original activity for your children and their friends, our quiz is made for them! A fun and immersive game for a fun afternoon or an unusual birthday! Quiz Room Kids is a quiz in a TV set setting that lasts approximatively 1 hour or more if you want to add a childrens' tea. Your kids can play solo or team up with their friends, cousins or siblings.
They can go wild: Sarah, the friendly voice-over will guide them to score, think and play their assets at the right time, trust her!
Musics, jingles, videos, tricky questions: everything is adapted to the young age.
If you're looking for an original activity for kids and their best friends, our special is for you!

A fun and immersive game

With rules that change with each of the 3 rounds and multiple jokers at their disposal, children will be called upon to use their strategic side! What a great time to spend with friends in a setting that will make them dream from the moment they enter the room!
Many surprises await during their game, but we hush now, as it's more fun to discover it by yourself!
One session stands for 2 games and an award, for a total stay in our center, of approx. 1 hour.

Play with questions suitable for children aged 8 to 12

Quiz Room Kids is a quiz in a TV set setting that lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 10 minutes with 2 parts included, and where the questions and the dynamics of the game are adapted to the age of the children. Kids means fun! Our quizzes are funny and talks to their generation. May dunces have as much odds has nerds thanks to an huge variety of questions appealing to curiosity, memory, senses and interests.
And who knows, maybe they'll learn something in the process?!

Personalize the questions for an even crazier moment (optional)

You can customize up to 10 questions out of the 60 questions that make up the 2 games. Don't panic, we'll explain how to do it. We'll share a file for you to fill up with questions, options and good answer; you can also share it with friends and family to gather everyone around a common project!

This little effort will bring  a dose of fun and will make the event all the more unique and memorable! Our actors will record your questions for an even cooler moment! The kids will hallucinate!

Celebrate the birthday after the games! (optional)

In all our centers in France, Switzerland and Belgium, it is possible to privatize our lounge after the games to celebrate your child's birthday! Bring a snack, bring games, play your playlist... Included: rental for 1h30 max, soft drinks

Not included: cake and buffet. 

The lounge is at your disposal to organize an unforgettable birthday party!

The themes in the children's quiz: Quiz Room Kids!

Animals and human body

Quiz Musique
What color is the milk of hippos? What animal has square droppings? What are the ulna and the radius? These questions are made for those who are passionate about small furry animals (or not) and for those whose ultimate dream is to be a subscriber to Sciences & Vie Junior!

Cartoons and TV Show

Quiz cinéma et séries
What is the name of the piggy bank in Toy Story? In which cartoon does the hero face Team Rocket? What is the name of Harry Potter's best friend? And many other questions for little fans of the big screen or big fans of the small screen!

The whole games universe

Quiz Musique
What color hat does Wario, Mario's enemy, wear? In which outdoor game can you reach "Heaven"? In which card game should you avoid getting a "+4"? Questions about the games... but beware: the answers are not child's play!


Quiz sport
How many players make up a handball team ? Which NBA player is often compared to a Ninja Turtle? What is the name of the instrument used to hit the ball in baseball? Answer these questions and show everyone that you are the one who deserves the gold medal!


Quiz Musique
From which cartoon is the song "it means no worries, for the rest of your days..." taken? Who is the NOT brother of Joe Jonas? Which member of the jury of The Voice Kids is the singer of the song "Hollaback Girl"? You don't need to know how to sing to become a music star at Quiz Room!

And more

Quiz société
Why is white chocolate actually white? What is the oldest Hershey's candybar? In the USA, where does the President live? Who said that you can't learn by having fun?

So how does it all work?

Book online

quiz room

Create your online player profile

quiz room

Arrive 10min early on D-day

quiz room

Prepare the session with the Quiz Master

quiz room

Hit the buzzer for an hour (2 games) or 1:30 (3 games)

quiz room

Debriefing with the scorecard

Nos tarifs à Paris (2 parties)

2 parties - 4 à 5 pers.
2 parties - 6 à 18 pers.
3ème partie (sur place)
Questions personnalisées
Anniversaire enfant
8€ / pers.
+ 60€
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Tarif étudiant (lundi au vendredi, 9h30 à 16h30) : -20% avec le code ETUDIANTS-20

T'en poses des questions !

Est-ce que Quiz Room est la bonne solution pour un groupe d’adolescent.e.s ?

Vous cherchez une activité fun pour votre ado et ses ami.e.s ? Pourquoi ne pas opter pour une solution ludique et amusante ? Grâce à Quiz Room on peut apprendre en s’amusant ! Solo ou en équipe, c’est une activité parfaite pour un groupe d’enfants ou d’adolescents !

Une bonne idée d‘activités pour un enfant de 8 ans à 10 ans?

Un enfant a besoin de se défouler, que ce soit physiquement ou intellectuellement. Quiz Room est donc l’activité à essayer. Cette activité ludique et immersive permettra à votre enfant de se défouler de manière ludique, en apprenant, en réfléchissant, en étant rapide, avec des réflexes nécessaires.

Quiz Room Kids est-il adapté pour l’anniversaire d’un enfant de 11 ans ?

Pour fêter l’anniversaire d’un enfant vous allez devoir organiser une sortie que ce soit en famille ou avec ses ami.e.s. Nous vous proposons l’activité Quiz Room, avec son quiz immersif, ludique et inoubliable qui fera éclater de rires ses copains et copines et le mettra au centre de l’attention si vous personnalisez des questions ! Cette version Quiz Room est donc pour les enfants de 8 à 12 ans !

Comment choisir une activité extra-scolaire pour son enfant de 12 ans ?

L’objectif principal de cette activité est de suivre la volonté de son enfant, car votre enfant doit avoir envie de la pratiquer et de trouver un plaisir en effectuant cette activité. Montrez-lui ce qu’il y gagne d’y participer, ce qu’il va apprendre mais surtout qu’il va pouvoir se faire des ami.e.s. de son âge. Pour une sortie occasionnelle, une session de quiz en immersion dans une salle pendant 1h30 est une super idée qui récompensera l’enfant.

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