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What is Quiz Room©?


We invite guests to play a brand new kind of quiz, on a staged TV set, for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Quiz Room is the quiz that stumps straight-A students, while their more playful classmates delight in setting traps for them.

The questions and the game are adapted to the age and interests of the participants for a 100% customised experience.

Who is the Quiz for?

In the Quiz Room, we can be up to 18 players.
Friends, family, colleagues, everyone links up to let loose and go wild.
We buzz and get crazy, always ready for the trump cards.
Who cares if you win, it’s all about the laughs. And there’s plenty to go around.

Our game is optimized for all people over 12 years old, with no age limits, as well as for children from 8 to 12 years old accompanied by an adult. The questions are adapted to the age of the participants. Come with friends, family or colleagues.

Our game room

That’s the sound of the Quiz Room.
You walk in, lights hit you, music grabs you.
In front of your buzzer, it’s all about being quick, snatching the first points or having the last laugh. Answer A, Answer B, trump card, let's get the quiz rolling. And BAM!

We built a circular stage and buzzers inspired by TV games, in a set designed to evoke the greatest moments of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Whether you're answering questions solo or as part of a team, and regardless of the total number of players, get ready for an unforgettable, immersive experience!

The Original Quiz: the first-born

The rules  change for each of the three rounds of questions and you have multiple jokers  at your disposal; your task is to analyze your opponents to destabilize them  at the right time, or even benefit from their correct answers to score  points!
In a Quiz Room© game, everything can change until the very last  buzzer sounds!

Our questions have varied and modern formats (videos, sounds...): complete song lyrics, identify movie scenes, recognize a personality on a childhood photo, place a city on a map... and so many other types of questions to test in the Quiz Room! You'll see, you'll know more than you think!
You can also play in English with questions exclusively about international culture. The game exists in English and French.

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The Original Music Quiz: the blindtest as the Frenchies say

With Quiz Room, spend a moment celebrating among friends while you also think about which song is playing. Spend 1 hour and 10 minutes of the game on a whole new type of test on our TV platform.  You don't need a loud voice to win: those buzzers are impartial! You know that moment when the music starts and the artist’s on the tip of your tongue? You hesitate, stammer and then have the answer stolen after you say it out loud. And that’s it, your belief in humanity is gone. None of that with us!

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The kids' choice: Quiz Room Kids

Quiz Room  Kids is the whole Quiz Room experience redesigned for kids!
As for the older kids, it's not only knowledge that counts.
You'll also have to be quick and know how to use your jokers strategically. So that everyone has a chance to  win, we've created questions adapted to the youngest, with accessible themes  and subjects that will speak to children without reminding them too much of school!

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So how does it all work?

Book online

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Create your online player profile

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Arrive 10min early on D-day

quiz room

Prepare the session with the Quiz Master

quiz room

Hit the buzzer for an hour (2 games) or 1:30 (3 games)

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Debriefing with the scorecard

Choose a city