Opening a Quiz Room center

Would you like to open a Quiz Room center in France or abroad? Take advantage of a rapidly expanding concept to make your entrepreneurial adventure a success and a pleasure every day.

Many cities are available, including: Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, Grenoble, London, Luxembourg, Manchester, Singapore, Vienna, Zurich.

Quiz Room ?

Quiz Room is a new entertainment option in France and worldwide, at a time when the indoor leisure market is booming.

Seize the opportunity to develop your own project by benefiting from the strength of an innovative and evolving concept, and the strength of a network that will maximize your chances of success.

We understand that opening a center is a significant personal and financial investment, which is we provide long-term support: from the business plan to day-to-day business, including building and launching your center.

A turnkey offer

We supply and install turnkey game rooms. We also set up the center's management interface, delivering a concept that is easy to use from day one.

From the day you open, you can work with peace of mind and give participants the best welcome possible!

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An innovative and evolving concept

The Quiz Room concept is innovative and we work daily to stay one step ahead. We develop new game modes, improve gameplay, write new questions and forge new partnerships.

By committing to us, you benefit from our innovations without having to reinvest on a regular basis.

Training, support and network

Our team accompanies you with passion, from the business plan to the daily management of the center.

Our IT and operational assistance grants you peace of mind.

Benefit from the strength of the network to get started quickly and share your experiences.

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quiz room

Invest in a quickly profitable concept with controlled costs

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quiz room

Benefit from a territorial exclusivity to develop your company comfortably.

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Manage and develop your company using powerful software and few staff members

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For more information, and to proceed with your opening project, contact our franchise team!