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What is the Music Quiz
by Quiz Room©?

Forget everything you think you know about music quizzes!
quizzes! At Quiz Room, you come to spend time celebrating with friends and you get the chance to name that song. 

You don't need a strong voice to win: the buzzers even everything out! That moment when the music starts and the answer is on the tip of your tongue, you know right? You hesitate, stamp your feet, stammer and have the line stolen from you after sputtering it out loud. And then you're fed up, not interested anymore. Well, none of that with us!

Want to shout the answer but not sure of yourself? Buzz it!

Le Blindtest : disponible dès le 4 juillet !

The Music Quiz: available in September in your center!

Who is it for? 

The Quiz Room music quizzes are open to everyone: those who love rap, pop, rock, from those who think they know nothing to cover professionals who always have a guitar in their hands. No more frustration with our music quizzes. You can choose your eras, but the main thing to decide is whether the game will be French or international. The music starts, players recognise the song, buzz and select the correct answer. You can choose your language, your era, but we make sure the turntables play the musical genres to please as many as possible!

The Quiz Room©

We built a circular stage and buzzers inspired by TV games, in a set designed to evoke the greatest moments of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Whether you're answering questions solo or as part of a team, and regardless of the total number of players, you sing as loud as in a club partying; or in your living room with your best friends but this time like you're like on a TV show!

Quiz Room

Want to shout the answer but not sure of yourself? Buzz it!

The Music Quiz dynamics

The music starts, players recognise the song, buzz and select the correct answer.
You guess the artist but get the title wrong? Frustrated? Not at Quiz Room! You still earn points.
Also, there are jokers in play; and your points… oops, they might already have been stolen! With rules that change for each of the 3 rounds and multiple jokers in play (check out the new one: crystal ball), analyse your competitors to knock them off their stride at the right moment, or even benefit from their correct answers to earn points!
The game has no end of surprises and twists in store for you... During your music quiz at Quiz Room, you can be master of your own destiny and become a maestro. But you'd better not brag too soon... because everything can change right up to the last buzz!

Our featured playlists

The Music Quiz by Quiz Room is a game for everyone, whether you prefer rap, pop, rock, think you know nothing about music or are a professional cover artist never seen far from a guitar.
There’s no time for frustration in our Music Quiz. You can choose the time period, but the main concept to choose is whether to play the French version or the international version. 
The music starts, players recognise the clip, hit the buzzers and select the right answer.
You can choose your language and time period, but we keep control over the musical selection to appeal to a wide range of tastes!

As a team

Playing as a team is a lot more fun! Find a suitable partner and team up with your cousin who just loves French rap, your friend who knows everything about pop from 2010 or that colleague who keeps himself to himself but really knows his rock music. Those with loud voices or who steal the answer from the more timid among us have a lot to worry about, and other players will enjoy setting a few traps for them.
Are music quizzes only for extroverts? We’ll see!
Everyone’s on a level playing field and can take control of the teams by becoming the all-important Quizmaster.

The Original
Music Quiz themes

In the Music Quiz by Quiz Room, choose whether you only want French music, international music or a 50/50 combo! Here are the Original Music Quiz options, divided into 20 year periods for more fun.
Don’t worry about the time periods and trust yourself - you’re a music expert! However, you can decide to leave out a time period that doesn’t make you dance so much ;)

50s & 60s - Quiz Room

50s - 60s

70s & 80s - Quiz Room


90s & 00s - Quiz Room


2010s & 2020s - Quiz Room


So how does it all work?

Book online

quiz room

Create your online player profile

quiz room

Arrive 10min early on D-day

quiz room

Prepare the session with the Quiz Master

quiz room

Hit the buzzer for an hour (2 games) or 1:30 (3 games)

quiz room

I debrief with the scorecard