Do you remember your teenage years like it was yesterday?
That was almost 20 years ago!


Kikou teenagers in the 2000s,
those who watched music videos behind their big sister's back; Lorie fans, those who found cool music to download on Limewire, those who recorded their 3310 voicemail thanks to Billie Crawford on the radio or who never missed an episode of Phénomène Raven.

Do you know anything about it?

Whether you don't know a thing about Saturday Trilogy or still remember Britney's hologram album, you're in for a treat with this special 2000s quiz ! As with the à la carte quiz, let yourself be carried away, play the strategist and let's go for 1 hour of memories and complicity with your loved ones or friends from this wonderful decade!


As usual! It's not just knowledge that counts. You'll have to be as quick as a wiiiiz MSN and know how to use your jokers strategically to win! The aim? To have fun, of course! So, are you in or out of this throwback to 2000's?

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