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An unusual activity for summer camps

As a summer camp leader, choosing the right activities is crucial for involvement. A lot of games just don’t cut it at sleepaway camp anymore. Come and try Quiz Room with children, teenagers or adults. A unique experience that is quite simply a fun and entertaining activity. Want to bring your group closer together and create bonds between participants?
At Quiz Room you’ll discover an immersive and fun quiz where all groups can mingle and challenge each other!
Nobody gets left out.

Unite young people at youth centres

The main challenge of youth centres is getting kids to bond. For some kids to overcome timidity and for others to be reigned in a little, a total immersion quiz on a TV platform is the best way of getting teens together and creating unforgettable moments to be talked about long after. Sessions can accommodate up to 18, and children are separated into six teams of three. Participants have to focus to find the correct answer while working together.  

Learn while having fun at summer camp

During summer or bank holidays, kids don't want to hear about school or learning anything and Quiz Room knows that! We offer a quiz game playful and accessible for every kid. During one hour the children and teenagers will play a quiz that needs strategy, memorization and quickness!

Quizzes for children and teens covering all interests

Our quiz is suitable for 8 years and up and is adapted for varying age groups.
If you’re hosting French-speaking kids, the quiz is also available in French. What could be better for French camp than an French quiz? For holiday camps in Europe you’ll finds centres in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Your customed questions (optional)

Whether your holiday camp is based around a specific theme such as sport, horseriding or watersports, at Quiz Room© you’ll have the option to customise your quiz.
Camp leaders will have the option to customise up to 10 questions per session. What could be better than spending a little time based on your camp’s themes?  Children will be very happy to show off their knowledge of your camp’s main topic. We’ll outline the format, you write the questions and then we have them recorded by our presenters and incorporate them into your Quiz Room session.
Reserve online or via customer services.

Enjoy your own space afterwards (optional)

A room or open space is available in most of our centres to extend the fun after the game. You can make use of this space to provide a debrief for your session with participants and revisit your custom questions so the answers sink in. This could be a moment to calm down a little or to introduce the next part of the programme.

You can also choose a playlist or even display a presentation.
Book online or via customer services.

Choose a caterer to enjoy every moment (optional)

Most of our centres work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer you a selection of catering packages along with non-alcoholic drinks, for all budgets, all tastes and lunch, light snack, tea time etc.).
The teens and young adults will be delighted to share moments together after their Quiz Room experience to talk about those questions that got away. 

Ask for the catering and drinks brochure when you request a quote!
Book online via the customer services.