The dream birthday for children

You're looking for an original activity to celebrate your child's birthday with his friends? Quiz Room is the brand new activity that combines fun and reflection, speed and cooperation ...and above all that will give all children stars in their eyes and memories for a long time!

like a dream!

Delight your children and their friends by organizing a unique, fun-filled birthday party at Quiz Room!

They won't be able to contain their excitement when they discover our TV game show-style set, with its buzzers and immersive lighting atmosphere. The kids will take part in a quiz full of twists and turns, with different rules for different segments, and wildcards to spice up 2 rounds of surprise after surprise. Fun and friendly competition come together to create unforgettable memories!

Ideal for children between 8 and 14 years old, with a minimum of one accompanying adult (for children under 8 years old, please organize a family session with teams of one parent and one child instead).

quiz room kids: the special children's quiz

Quiz Room Kids is our quiz designed for children, where they can express themselves without judgment, with a dose of common sense, curiosity and strategy.

The questions, always accessible, are adapted to their age (8-12 years) so that everyone has fun and can play for victory!

We recommend Quiz Room Kids from 8 players upwards to form teams of 2 children and create a collective spirit within each duo.

Customize questions

Write down a few questions that will please your child and be recorded by our super comedians, then spoken in voice-over.

Questions about his or her passions, friends, family... be creative to please your child and amuse all his or her friends. Don't panic, as soon as your reservation is confirmed, you'll receive an e-mail explaining how to proceed!

Gifts and a snack (optional)

By choosing the "Children's birthday" option when you book online with your Quiz Room center, you can offer your child and his or her friends a special moment of sharing.


Our lounge is at your disposal to prolong the pleasure after your games. You'll be able to choose your own musical playlist or project a presentation.

Children's birthday packages

Price per child
Number of Quizzers
2 games
3 games
4 à 6
7 à 18
Customized questions
60 €
by group
3rd game (on site)
+30 min of quiz game!
8,0 €
per person
Are you organizing an event?
Check out our packages!
Birthday package
5per child

you ask a lot of questions!

The perfect way to wish someone an original birthday?

Every year, birthdays are eagerly awaited by young and old alike! But sometimes we're a little short of inspiration when it comes to wishing them! Purchased or handmade gift? Material gift or activity? What if it were possible to combine everything? Quiz Room can organize a fully personalized quiz for you, with a magnificent T-shirt as a souvenir! Make your birthday a real party full of laughter and memories!

The right activity for a 10-year-old's birthday?

To celebrate the birthday of a child aged 10 or over, you'll need to organize an outing, either with the family or with friends. We suggest the Quiz Room Kids activity, with its immersive, fun and unforgettable quiz specially designed for your child's age, which will have his or her friends bursting out laughing, and will put him or her at the center of attention if you personalize the questions!

How do you wish a birthday to a 12-year-old?

When it comes to wishing a birthday to a 12-year-old who's hardly a birthday boy anymore, humor and fun are a must! We suggest you personalize 10 questions during a Quiz Room Kids session to ask wacky questions about the lucky birthday boy or girl. He or she can also choose to organize a quiz or blindtest with the rest of the family, of all ages!

How to make a birthday at Quiz Room unforgettable?

Organize your teen's or child's birthday party at Quiz Room, and you're guaranteed a precious moment of immersion on a TV set where the group plays with each other, without parents or adults, guided by a fun voiceover and a set reminiscent of Le Maillon Faible! Add to this perfect moment personalized questions in the chosen quiz and your child will be delighted!

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