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A quiz for everyone (and their dog)
Discover a trivia quiz game where you can buzz like on a TV set.
You don't need to be a geek: our questions are adapted to your group and the themes are personalized: if you know how to set a trap and be quick on your feet, you'll have a lot of fun!
Forget what you know about music quizzes,
Here, you know the drill, just smash that buzzer in tune!
Play for just over an hour in immersive
with lights and smoke machines where music-lovers
will be served!

For just over an hour, play a brand new kind of quiz in a TV set.

Adapted questions, varied themes and personalized questions...
Discover the Original Quiz

Forget what you know about blindtest, here you know the drill!

Play for just over an hour, immersed in lights and smoke machines, where music-lovers are in for a treat!

In brief

From 4 players

1h or 1,5h
(2 or 3 games)

From 14 years
(children 8 to 12)

How does it work ?

I book online or on quotation if I am more than 18 people to play

I create my player profile in advance and get ready.

I arrive 10 minutes early and prepare my quiz game with the Quiz Master

I hit the buzzer with my group for 2 or 3 games

I debrief with a drink in hand (optional) and the score sheet

The quiz wtf 2

The WTF 2 quiz continues the tradition of controlled chaos
that made its elder brother such a success.

The key words? Messy and fun.

Team building
which will be unanimously approved!

Are you looking for an original team-building activity to unite your team and encourage collaboration?

Quiz Room is the ideal team-building activity to create a team bond in a relaxed, professional setting, with a touch of conviviality and improvisation.
Organize your teams in advance... Everything is fully customizable (right down to the questions!)

We're making the show!


Superb experience for friends, the bride-to-be was delighted! Very welcoming staff and unusual locations! A wide variety of questions. We had a great time!

Maud G.

Great concept ✨ Best experience ever 🔥🔥 if I could put 10 stars I would. I highly recommend if you want to have a good time with friends or family.

Tomasz D.

We went there for a corporate Team Building event. An excellent welcome, and above all a concept that appealed to the entire international team.

The French Quiz Cup

Stronger than the Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup combined...
It's the French Quiz Cup!

Fun, open to the general public and far from elitist, the event is sure to create a buzz!
After this 2nd edition of madness, what if you were to win the Coupe de France this year?

Top scores

In France


Les bogosses
370 pts


MalikAa & Jo
288 pts


The Champz

you ask a lot of questions!

And by the way, do we say quiz or quizz?

I promise, this question won't be on the QUIZ! But thanks to Quiz Room, you'll know that Quiz is spelled with just one Z. And you'll also discover why Neighbors' Day was invented or why donuts have a hole!
‍The word "quiz" comes from English, meaning "questionnaire". So write quiz as in the original language. For the plural, as in French, words ending in "z" are invariable. So we write un quiz, des quiz.

What is a quiz?

A quiz is a game of questions and answers. A questionnaire to test your knowledge on a specific subject or simply for general knowledge. At Quiz Room, the quiz is played by several people around 6 desks in a TV-style atmosphere: everyone competes against each other and uses their jokers to win.

How do I make a quiz?

To create a quiz that's fun, professional or entertaining, you'll need to find a theme for the questionnaire, so you don't get mixed up and fail to follow a common thread that will help you write the questions. At Quiz Room, we call on experts in writing fun board games to come up with the funniest questions possible.

Where can I take a quiz?

Quizzes are becoming more and more widespread, and you'll find many quizzes available on the Internet, or in board games. What you'll find at Quiz Room is an immersive, fun, face-to-face quiz. For over an hour, take part with a group of friends, family or colleagues, in a fully immersive setting worthy of the best TV shows. Quiz Room is available throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland, and soon internationally!

How does a quiz works?

The aim of a quiz is to answer a simple questionnaire. Quiz Room offers a new kind of original and fun quiz, where jokers and zany questions will make you love winning and losing! You can play the quiz alone or in a team (up to 3 behind a desk). Quiz Room also lets you personalize your questions for even more fun, while enjoying an immersive quiz perfectly orchestrated with sound and light, that you'll never forget.

How do I create questions for a quiz?

- Define the theme of your quiz
- Define the wording of the questions
- Define the answers proposed
- We take care of the recording by our super comedians
- All you have to do is turn up and enjoy your session.

Submit new questions for the quiz game of your choice!

Submit your question ideas to the Quiz Roomteam and its question-writing committee.
the questions interest us, we'll apply the Quiz Room touch and include them in our question database!
We thank contributors by offering free places when we retain the questions proposed.
It's time for you to shine and show off a lot, the next time you come to play with your team! We can hear you now: "I invented that one!"

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