Your personalized questions

As a teacher, you've decided to organize an outing for a Quiz Room session for your students, and you'd like to take personalization a step further? You can mark this event by personalizing 10 questions, to see which student has retained the points of the lesson, or simply to give them a playful moment away from the school atmosphere.

'll explain the procedure, you write the questions, then we'll have them recorded by our super actors and integrated into your Quiz Room game session.

Enjoy some space in a designated area after your game

In some of our centers, a lounge or open space is available to prolong the pleasure after the games.

You can choose your own musical playlist or project a presentation.

A great way to end the school year with your favorite students.

Choose a caterer and drinks

Many of our centers work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer a selection of catering formulas to suit all budgets, tastes and occasions (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, etc.).

Your students will be delighted to share a moment with their classmates after their Quiz Room session to debrief any questions they may have had. Your students will be more curious than ever.

Ask for the catering and drinks brochure when you request a quote.

you ask a lot of questions!

What extracurricular activities are available?

Outside school hours, children need to have fun and let off steam. An extra-curricular activity is a leisure activity that takes place outside school hours. This activity must be adapted and chosen according to your child's tastes, but also according to what you want to develop in him/her. The activity can be sporting, musical, cultural or manual - there's something for everyone. During the school vacations, keep the kids entertained with a special immersive quiz at Quiz Room, for example!

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