Quiz Room booking in Ambérieu-en-Bugey

Book online a Quiz Room play for 4 to 18 players by choosing your time slot and then selecting the "Customization of questions" option and/or the "Team building" supplement if you want for the game of your choice (Quiz of your choice/ Quiz Room Kids/ Special quiz). Business bookings for 8 to 18 players are done either online or through the sales department

Bookings for tournaments (20 to 36 players) and for additional services (food & drinks) only go through the sales department. Contact by clicking here

 Rates: 4 to 6 players => 20€/pax. // 7 to 18 players => 18€/pax. Weekend and School Holidays, decreasing weekday rates outside school holidays. 3rd part: 8€/pax. only on site (subject to availability) // Personalized questions: 60€ // Team building: according to formula. Beyond 20 players, contact us.