1h of fun is good, 1,5h is better!

jingles, lights, voice-overs: it's all there!

a 100% personalized experience

Smash that buzzer from 4 to 18 players

what's the occasion?

A memorable event that everyone will love

If you're looking for a unique experience to celebrate an event, or simply to get together with family and friends for a special occasion,

Quiz Room is the brand-new activity for a friendly, relaxed and totally customizable event, right down to the questions!


Looking for a challenge?
Whether you come solo or as a duo (for the more reserved), meet other quizzers
and challenge your knowledge!

A brand-new game mode that promises to be a mega-experience!

Bachelorette party

Or how to make your bridal shower a unique and truly personalized event that only Quiz Room has the secret to?


Every year, the question arises: what to do for a friend's birthday, a family member's birthday, or my own birthday? Quiz Room will unite guests around a fun, accessible and inclusive activity!


Organizing a cousinade or family reunion is always an enjoyable experience... If you've got the right ideas for activities for all ages! It's the time of year to get the whole family together for a moment of sharing and relaxation!

How does it work ?

Book online

Create my player profile

I arrive 10 minutes early and prepare my quiz game with the Quiz Master

I hit the buzzer with my group for 2 or 3 games

I debrief with the scorecard

Price list

Price per person
Number of Quizzers
2 games
3 games
4 à 6
7 à 18
Customized questions
60 €
by group
3rd game (on site)
+30 min of quiz game!
8,0 €
per person
private room
by group
Are you organizing an event?
Check out our packages!

Our games

TV-style quiz games!

To buzz and rave from 8 to 108 years old with whoever you
want at the same time!


The fun, tactical, offbeat version of the question-and-answer game where, thanks to the jokers, nothing is decided yet!

The team building that's sure to get everyone talking

Are you looking for an original team-building activity to unite your team and encourage collaboration?

Quiz Room is the ideal team-building activity to energize a team in a relaxed professional setting, with a touch of conviviality and improvisation. What's more, it's totally customizable (right down to the questions!).

you ask a lot of questions!

How to host an event?

To organize an event, the organizer needs to be creative. The aim is to guarantee a pleasant moment for all participants.

Or organize a family event?

Quiz Room can organize your family event with a quiz room session for the whole family (up to 18 people).

Psst...Are you solo or a twosome?

Quiz Room is a brand new game mode that gives you the chance to play with other participants and make new acquaintances...