If you're the groom's best man, best friend or brother, you're going to have to take part in his bachelor party!

You're even going to have to organize and take part in the event. When choosing an activity for stag-do , you'll be faced with a multitude of possibilities. It's an important choice!

It's all about getting to know the person (who's getting married) and choosing the best activities to make sure they have a great time at this unique event. Quiz Room offers you an extraordinary activity in our immersive room, just like on a TV set!

The perfect quiz game for groups of friends is Quiz WTF 2! Leave your grey matter at the entrance, here Quiz Room throws you a game without tail nor head but with a lot of humor.

For a really rhythmic event, think of the Blindteuf! Created especially to get the party going, this hyper-festive musical quiz is perfect for warming everyone up to the sound of the biggest hits. An unforgettable evening guaranteed!

You can (optionally) personalize 10 of the 60 questions that will appear randomly throughout the game. Surprise guaranteed! It's the best way to personalize your bachelor party, and surprise him with some highly targeted questions.

Everything's confidential, so you can play with impunity - we won't say a word, I promise! Our comedians will record your questions in secret.

All you have to do is fill in an online document, alone or with your group; you can even share it with witnesses,stag-do organizers or other wedding guests.

It's a big day, and the bride-to-be expects it to remain engraved in her memory! You're one of the best. The bride to be has decided to choose you to organize a memorable day.

Anyway, today you're the one who's going to have to organize an original bachelorette party to surprise her... Forget anything tacky and think of trendy activities for your best friend.

At Quiz Room, it's the panacea ofbachelorette at its best: fun, immersion in an ultra-new environment, the surprise effect, laughter and an intimate atmosphere just between you in a room!

Quiz WTF 2 has just arrived in Quiz Rooms! If you want a mega-original quiz that goes off in all directions but is still ideal for a good laugh with your girlfriends, this is the place. You'll find questions that are completely off the mark and non-stop laughter.

Emotion guaranteed if you choose the personalized questions option with the quiz. Make this bachelorette activity with your girlfriends one of the best memories of her life and yours. She's the queen of the party, so prove you know her by heart by asking personalized questions as you play.

Is your pal the queen of the dancefloor? We've got the perfect activity to celebrate her bachelorette in style. Head for a wild party with Blindteuf! The hits roll in, the mood rises and the buzzers heat up in a nightclub atmosphere that's sure to sweep everyone off their feet. It's party time!

For 1 hour, your aim is to score the most points. In her heart, of course, but also in the game! Don't hesitate to use your jokers to block or steal from your opponents (or even the bride!). Jokers can turn against you, so be strategic.

But don't forget that you're here to have fun and enjoy an unforgettable moment in which she'll be the center of attention! #Queen

Bachelorette & Stag packages

Price per person
Number of Quizzers
2 games
3 games
4 à 6
7 à 18
Customized questions
60,00 €
by group
3rd game (on site)
+30 min of quiz game!
9,00 €
per person
Check out our packages!
price per person

gifts for your bachelorette or stag-do party

At the end of your game, you'll have the chance to leave with gifts... We offer a range of options and original ideas to make this event an unforgettable moment of togetherness between friends!

We're very creative at Quiz Room: extend the fun by giving her a board game Chiche ou Pois Chiche (by the creators of Quiz Room) to enjoy in her living room with her other half and keep as a souvenir forever.

There are lots of options available, so contact your center to find out about our original ideas for your best friend's stag or hen and score points in their life!


a 3rd part for 3 times more fun

For those who love fun, laughter and a good atmosphere, for those who yell "we're not tired!" and for all those who don't want to break the mood.

We're offering you the third part to test the quiz or blindtest game of your choice.

A pre-buzz of happiness, quite simply!

Personalize your questions

With your group, you can personalize
up to 10 questions out of the 60
that make up your 2 parts.

You write the 10 personalized questions yourself.
Don't panic, we'll explain the procedure.

This little effort will add a dose of fun and make the event all the more unique and memorable for the person concerned!


Find your best jokes, questions, anecdotes


Log on to your customer area and write down the funny (or not!) answer options.


Record your own voice!


Surprise your band on the big day!

Enjoy some space in a designated area after your game

A lounge or open space is available to prolong the pleasure after the games.

This is where you can chat, crown the Joker Master and the star of the day!

You can choose your musical playlist or project a presentation with, for example, words of love about your best friend to honor him or her.

choose a caterer and beverages

We work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer your group of friends a selection of snack and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage formulas to suit every budget, every taste and every moment of the day for your hen party (healthy breakfast, lunch on the run, light snack, festive cocktail party, and even an atmospheric dinner...).

Ask for the catering and beverage brochure when you request a quote! Your friend will be surprised, I promise!

What if you organized the event in another city to surprise the lucky one?

Quiz Room has a network of centers in France, Belgium, Switzerland and even... Australia!

While Sydney may seem a bit far for a weekend away, a city in a region that's a change from the bride or groom's daily routine is a great idea for a bachelor party.

It lets you combine vacations, a weekend away from it all and crazy memories!

you ask a lot of questions!

How to surprise the bride-to-be?

Organize an bachelorette party! Over a day or a weekend, plan surprise after surprise to make her dream and show her that you care. The day of the bachelorette party should be unforgettable. Start by finding out her availability (discreetly) and gathering her best friends around that date. As the organizer, you'll need to surprise the bride with unique, personalized activities, such as a quiz at Quiz Room, which will make a welcome change from the powerpoint presentation or the shaky video. Choose the theme that suits her best, or a blindtest to get her dancing!

What activity for a stag party?

At a bachelor party, you'll need to be original to make the day unforgettable. The activity has to be personalized, unique, fun, offbeat and, above all, well supervised to avoid any excesses. A paintball, a boat trip, go-karting, laser or even better: a quiz room! Put him in the spotlight with personalized questions, discreetly and without showing off.

Who organizes the bachelorette party?

It's usually the bride's best friends who organize the event, and most of them are the wedding witnesses, cousins and sisters. Their role is essential! They have to come up with the most original, touching, personal, amusing and offbeat ideas! To be sure of pleasing the bride-to-be, a personalized, TV-style quiz at Quiz Room is THE right idea!

How does a hen party works?

This event allows the bride-to-be to spend one last evening with her friends, without her future husband. This event can take many different forms, such as a dinner party, an evening in a nightclub, or an outing to Quiz Room. For a fun and immersive activity, you can personalize 10 questions during this activity.

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