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Organise a Stag do/Bachelorette party like no other at Quiz Room Marseille!

As best man/maid of honour you have to find a different fun activity for your best friend's stag night or hen party. You are looking for a special party idea for the future groom or bride and all their party mates. Give them something really innovative by organising an event in our quiz rooms

Stag do

You're the best man, best friend or brother of the groom, so you have to join in this farewell to single life! You'll have to both organise and participate in the activity. When choosing what to do for this stag party you will have a mountain of options. It’s an important choice, you have to really know the groom to be and choose the best activities so he has fun during this unique occasion before his upcoming nuptials. Quiz Room offers you an amazing activity in our immersive room, just like being on a TV set!

If you wish, you can customise 10 of the 60 questions and these will appear randomly as the game progresses. Surprises guaranteed! This is the best way for you and your mates to add something personal to his stag party, and surprise him with very telling questions. It's all confidential, there's no comeback, we won't say anything, we promise! Our actors will record the questions in secret. All you have to do is fill out a document online, which you can even share with the witnesses, stag party organiser or other wedding guests.

Bachelorette Party

It's a big day, and the bride to be expects it to be just about as memorable as the wedding day! You are part of her circle of besties. The upcoming bride has decided to choose you to organise a memorable bridal party. Anyway, it is you who has to organise an original bachelorette party to surprise her Forget all that bad taste stuff and think of a trendy girls night out for your best friend. Quiz Room is the solution to organising the best hen party: fun, captivating ultra-new environment, the element of surprise, side-splitting laughter and an intimate atmosphere in your own private room! Guaranteed excitement if you choose the personalised questions option. Make this hen night with friends one of the most beautiful memories of the bride to be, as well as one of yours. She's the queen of the evening, show her you know her inside out by popping in personalised questions throughout the game.

You will aim to score the most points during the course of an hour. In the game, as well as with her! Be sure to use your jokers to block or rob your opponents, but the jokers can turn against you, so plan your strategy. But above all, don't forget you're there to have fun and create memories that last a life time, of which she is the centre of attention! #Queen

Gifts for your stag do/hen party

You will have the opportunity to take home gifts at the end of your quiz... We can offer you options and original ideas to make the event an unforgettable bonding moment between friends! Any specific ideas in mind? Contact us, creativity is our strong point at Quiz Room!

There are many options for you to choose from, so contact your centre to find out about our original ideas for your best friend's stag or bachelorette party and score some brownie points with them!

Your personalized questions (optional)

Custom questions: All groups of friends have stories, shared experiences, memories or running jokes that come up at every meeting. As a stag do or bachelorette party organiser, make your mark on the occasion by incorporating up to 10 personalized questions. 
You can include jokes, memorable moments or even compliments for the bride or groom to be. It’s on you, best man! Have a good think over the other stag party or bachelorette party activities you have planned to create some unique moments for team groom or team bride.
This is how it works - write the questions (either on your own or together) and then we’ll have them recorded by our presenter and incorporated into your Quiz Room session.

Book either online or via our customer service team.

Relax a while in another of our areas after your games (optional)

Many of our centres have a lounge or an open area where you can keep the fun rolling after your quiz. Take the chance to chill, crown the Joker Master and star of the day!You can choose your music playlist or even project a presentation with, for example, special words for your best friend to put them in the spotlight.
Organise a bachelorette weekend or hen night to remember!

Choose a caterer and drinks (optional)

Most of our centres work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer you a selection of catering packages along with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, for all budgets, all tastes and all times of the day for your stag do/hen party (healthy breakfast, hearty lunch, light snack, festive cocktail, sumptuous dinner, etc.).Ask for the catering and drinks brochure when you request a quote! Your friend will be surprised, we promise!