the team building that everyone will love

Whether it's for seminars, incentive activities or other professional events: Quiz Room is an excellent choice for working together and collaborating while having fun.

Quiz Room is here to help you strengthen the bonds between your colleagues, achieve a common goal and encourage teamwork.

Are you looking for a unique team-building activity to unite your team and encourage collaboration?

Quiz Room is the ideal team-building activity to energize your team in a relaxed, professional setting, with a touch of conviviality, improvisation and total customization (right down to the questions!).

With Quiz Room, you can get out of the ordinary by organizing your event in an unusual location and in good spirits, to leave a lasting impression.

We're also here to help you manage the stress of events, simplify logistics and organize original entertainment for your corporate seminar or evening event.

team building for
just everyone!


All games are played in duos and/or trios for team building purposes. Quiz Room puts the emphasis on each team member's ability to work together, manage stress, speed up and analyze.


Quiz Room is suitable for all the profiles that make up your company. To suit all teams, we have a French version of the game (French and international culture) and an English version (international culture only).

your tailor-made business activity

We can accommodate up to 54 people simultaneously in some cities.

Between 8 and 18 people, you all play together in the same room.

From 19 to 36 (or even 54) people, we organize over 2 (or 3) rooms.

For less than 8 people, please book directly online.

your special team-building session

Each session consists of 2 or 3 30-minute games and a prize-giving ceremony (1h to 1,5h of play).

Especially for companies:
- Team composition (duos or trios) in advance
- Prize-giving ceremony included with a Chiche or Pois Chiche board game (by the creators of Quiz Room) given to each winner
- Team photo in game situation


a 3rd part for 3 times more fun

For those who love fun, laughter and a good atmosphere, for those who yell "we're not tired!" and for all those who don't want to break the mood.

We're offering you the third part to test the quiz or blindtest game of your choice.

A pre-buzz of happiness, quite simply!

Personalize your questions

With your group, you can personalize
up to 10 questions out of the 60
that make up your first two parts.

You write the 10 personalized questions yourself or with the group.
Don't panic, we'll explain how to do it.

This little effort will add a dose of fun and make the event all the more unique and memorable for your team!


Write customized questions


Log on to your customer area and write down the funny (or not!) answer options.


Record your own voice!


Surprise your team on the big day!

Enjoy some space in a designated area after your game

Our lounges (depending on the city) are at your disposal to prolong the pleasure after your games. You can even choose your own music playlist or project a presentation.

choose a caterer and beverages

All our centers work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer you a selection of catering and alcoholic beverage formulas to suit all budgets, tastes and occasions (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, dinner).

With Quiz Room, you're sure to have a collaborative, unifying and convivial time, different from the usual corporate team building.

Ask for the catering and beverage brochure when you request a quote.

They buzzed at quiz room

you ask a lot of questions!

Where to go for team building?

Organizing a team building event is an important way of improving team cohesion, communication and many other important aspects. To make sure you have a fun afternoon and get to know your colleagues in a good mood, Quiz Room offers customized quizzes on the themes you want!

Why team building?

Organizing a team building event will create a strong sense of cohesion within your team. Everyone has a chance to get to know each other, if they haven't already. And there's nothing like getting to know each other while having fun! For a change from the classic teambuildings, Quiz Room offers a unique experience, ideal for breaking the ice!

How do you celebrate your company's 10th anniversary?

You can liven up this festive day in a number of ways. First of all, it could be a good excuse to organize a team-building activity, so that all employees can get together. Quizzes are becoming increasingly popular with companies, and the Quiz Room formula is sure to win you over with its flexibility!

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