the event of the year!

Between winners

A tournament featuring the crème de la crème of Quizzers

In the 4 corners of France

A nationwide competition, with all towns represented

5000€ at stake!

A legendary final in Paris, with €5,000 up for grabs for the winning duo!

How does it work ?

I play the Original Quiz, whether it's for a special occasion or just for fun.

And records one of the highest scores in my city

I'm invited to participate and travel to Paris all expenses paid

I pulverize the competition from the 4 corners of France and Belgium

I win a cheque for €5,000 and the right to show off for life

Top scores

In France


Les bogosses
370 pts


MalikAa & Jo
288 pts


The Champz

A look back at the Coupe de France 2023

the 1st french quiz cup creates a buzz!

Different profiles: couples, buddies, colleagues, but all united around the same goal: having fun together, much more than just thinking about the competition and the €5,000 prize at stake.

🥇 A big congratulations to the winning team of the 2023 edition: the Nantais!

And this year, what if you were the one bringing home the cup?

We're making the buzz!


The French Cup was a blast! 🎉 Good humor and conviviality were the order of the day! The organization was top-notch, and a big THANK YOU to all those who worked to make the event a success! We can't wait for the next edition!

Tristan, co-founder of
Quiz Room

The mayonnaise went down really well, and it was a wonderful event where good humor took precedence over the financial stakes, in the spirit of Quiz Room.

Hélène & Quentin,
winners 2023

WE WON!!! 🥳
Ohlala it couldn't have come at a better time for me, I was dry! - H
We can't wait to invite our friends over for drinks! - Q

you ask a lot of questions!

How can I take part in the French Quiz Cup?

It's so easy! All you have to do is play an Original Quiz in one of our Quiz Room centers before December 31st! Your score could earn you a place in the semi-finals in your home town, and if you win, you'll head to Paris for a chance to win €5,000 at the Coupe de France de Quiz final.

How many cities can participate?

Quiz Room represents the whole of France and even Belgium for the 2023 season! We're present in all 4 corners of France, and even on Reunion Island. There will be 40 participating cities in 2024! There's sure to be a Quiz Room center near you!

I've already come to play but my score isn't very good. What can I do?

You can come back and play as often as you like, and challenge your score to qualify for the semi-finals in your home town! Scores will be updated on the site every week, but the best thing is to come back!

I live in Corsica, can I still take part?

Of course! Quiz Room offers its Coupe de France... all over France and even in Corsica :)
Come and play in Bastia and try your luck at the final in Paris after the local semi-finals!

When can we expect a Blindtest Coupe de France?

Big question! Stick around, we won't be long! A hell of a lot of you are asking us for a Quiz Room-style blindtest Coupe de France... we're thinking about it ;)

What are the rules for the Coupe de France?

Great question! We'll let you find out more about our National Quiz Room Tournament. We look forward to seeing you there, and to our buzz!

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