Center: Refers to any establishment operating Quiz Room's product and service offering and hosting Sessions.

Delegate: Refers to the operator of a Centre not operated by Quizz Room SAS.

Duo: Refers to any team made up of 2 Participants who have accepted the invitation to take part in the Tournament.

Local Final: Refers to one of the stages of the Tournament, prior to the Grand Final, organized in a Center and bringing together the first two Duos of each Quarterly Tournament organized by the said Center.

Grand Final: Refers to the Final of the Tournament organized in Paris and bringing together the Duos qualified under the conditions of Article 4.1.

Software: Refers to the software solution and its applications developed by Quiz Room, whose purpose is to produce quizzes according to the original modes and formats established by Quiz Room.

Prize: Refers to the prize of a sum of money or any other good obtained by each Duo ranking among the top three in the Tournament.

Equipment: Refers to all the elements made available by each Center for the benefit of Participants so that they can take part in a quiz and usefully answer the questions included therein.

Organizer: Refers to Quizz Room SAS.

Participant : Refers to any natural person, member of a Duo, participating in the Tournament.

Player Profile: Refers to information relating to the identity of a Participant.

Quiz Room: Refers to the company Quizz Room SAS (Paris Trade and Companies Register no. 841 536 042), holder of the operating rights for the Software, directly operating certain Centers and having entrusted certain Delegates with the task of operating its activities themselves in other Centers.

Rules : Refers to the present document.

Rules of play: Refers to the rules governing any Session and reminded to Participants before the start of the Session by a voice-over.

Session: Refers to any gaming session organized by Quiz Room or one of its Delegates, consisting of 2 quiz parts, each comprising 30 questions and 2 mini-games.

Tournament: A quiz competition governed by the present rules and publicly referred to as the "French Quiz Cup".

Local Tournament: Refers to all the phases of the Tournament prior to the Grand Final, organized by the same Center.

Quarterly Tournament: Refers to one of the phases of the Tournament, prior to the Local Final, organized by a Center at the rate of one tournament per quarter, the purpose of which is to select the participants in the Local Final.


The Tournament organized by Quizz Room SAS and its Delegates is a free event, separate from the services organized by Quizz Room SAS and its Delegates, offered to certain Participants with the aim of promoting the Quiz Room network throughout the territories in which Centers are located.

The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to define your rights and obligations, as well as those of Quiz Room and its Delegates in carrying out the Tournament, the terms and conditions of which are set out below.

By accepting the invitation to participate in the Tournament, you accept without reservation the terms of these Rules and Regulations.

You are informed that the Organizer reserves the right to modify these Rules at any time, including the introduction of new clauses or the deletion of existing ones. It is the responsibility of Participants to ensure that they are familiar with the latest version of the Regulations.


The "Coupe de France de quiz" is a popular culture quiz tournament played in pairs and held at all the Centers. As of the date hereof, the Centers are located in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Once the Participants have agreed to take part in the Tournament, it will take place in three stages:
- Players who have responded positively to an invitation from Quiz Room - or one of its Delegates - take part in one of the four Quarterly Tournaments organized within the same calendar year at the Center concerned;
- The winners and runners-up of each Quarterly Tournament organized in the same calendar year at the same Center compete in a Local Final, qualifying for the Grand Final;
- The Grand Final takes place at one of the Centers located in Paris.

Participants accept the rules of the Quiz Room game as set out by the voice-over before the start of any Session, and unreservedly accept the final ranking determined by the Software.

The mode of play for each Session is chosen at the discretion of each Center for the Quarterly Tournament and the Local Final, and by the Organizer for the Grand Final.

All Participants are required to accept the answers to the questions, even if they are able to demonstrate an error on the part of the Organizer, its Delegates and/or the Software.

Despite the development of an algorithm designed to prevent the same question from being proposed several times to the same Participant, this eventuality remains possible without any Participant being able to contest the validity of the result of the Quarterly Tournament, the Local Final or the Grand Final of the Tournament.

Conditions of participation

Registration for the Tournament is free of charge.

It is carried out at the request of the future Participant, at the suggestion of Quiz Room or one of its Delegates, provided that the future Participant has previously participated in one or more non-tournament Sessions, public or private, and achieved one of the top 20 scores of a Center.

These criteria must have been met during one of the following 3-month periods:
- Winter period: from January1, 2022 to March 31, 2022;
- Spring period: from April1, 2022 to June 30, 2022;
- Summer period: from July1, 2022 to September 30, 2022;
- Autumn period: from October1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

Under no circumstances may participation in any Session constitute or be perceived as constituting a qualifying session for the Tournament.

Registration for the Tournament is made exclusively as a Duo: a single Participant cannot be authorized to take part in the Tournament.

In the event that Quiz Room or one of its Delegates proposes that a single individual take part in the Tournament, the Participant may then invite the person of his or her choice to form a Duo.

Each Participant member of the Duo must imperatively use his or her Player Profile if he or she has already taken part in a Session, and must certify on his or her honor that he or she does not hold more than one Player Profile. In the event that the Participant holds several Player Profiles, he/she undertakes to notify Quiz Room or one of its Delegates prior to his/her registration for the Tournament so that only one Player Profile can be retained, the remainder being deleted.

Each Participant must be of legal age and must not be prohibited from playing as defined by law.

Participants are called at a specific time. If one or more Participants are late, Quizz Room SAS and/or the Centre reserve the right to begin the Session with a single Participant forming a Duo or to begin with the desk empty, until such time as the Participants arrive and rejoin the Room during the Session. In this case, Participants agree to forfeit the opportunity to score points in their absence.

If one of the members of a Duo is absent throughout the first part of a Session, the Duo is declared disqualified.

Local tournaments

5.1. Quarterly Tournaments in each Centre

Centre has the option of proposing participation in the Tournament, which begins with participation in a Quarterly Tournament consisting of one or more Sessions.

Each Quarterly Tournament must include a minimum of 4 duos and a maximum of 6 duos. If fewer than 4 Duos are registered, it is the Centre's responsibility to offer participation in the Tournament to other players, giving preference to those who have obtained the best scores in previous Sessions - outside the Tournament.

On the day of the Quarterly Tournament, if only 3 Duos turn up, the Quarterly Tournament is maintained. On the other hand, if only 2 Duos turn up, the Quarterly Tournament will have to be postponed by the Centre.
The winning Duo of one of the four Quarterly Tournaments that can be organized during the same calendar year is declared "Champion" of the Centre and of the quarterly period concerned (eg. the winning Duo of the Quarterly Tournament played in Marseille in winter is declared "Marseille Winter Quiz Champion").

Duos placing first in a Quarterly Tournament qualify for the Local Final. The same applies to the two Duos ranked second with the highest number of points in their Quarterly Tournament. Thus, six Duos qualify for a Local Final: 1 Duo for the Winter period, 1 Duo for the Spring period, 1 Duo for the Summer period, 1 Duo for the Autumn period and 2 Duos known as "best runners-up".

From the start of its operations, a Centre will only organize Quarterly Tournaments in its Centre for entire quarterly periods. Thus, a Centre commencing operations on May 10, 2022 will hold its first Quarterly Tournament during the summer period, with 2 qualifiers over the summer period and 2 qualifiers over the autumn period, i.e. 4 qualifiers in total, who will compete for a place in the Grand Final at the Local Final.

In the event that a Centre commences operations during the summer or autumn period, the Tournament may not be held there until the following calendar year.

5.2. Local Finals

Local Finals will be held during the month of January 2023. The date of each Local Final will be set by the Center after proposal to all qualified Duos - the proposed dates and times must correspond to free time based on a standard salaried job (weekday evening or weekend). No qualified Duo may contest the date selected by the Centre if at least 4 Duos have confirmed their participation in the Local Final. In any event, the Centre will not change the date at the request of a Duo unable to attend the Local Final.

At the end of each Local Final, the winning Duo qualifies for the Grand Final.

The grand finale

6.1. Attendance at the Grand Final

Grand Final will take place in 2023 at one of the Centers located in Paris. The Organizer will communicate the address to qualified Participants within a reasonable period of time.

Each Duo qualified for the Grand Final must confirm its participation to the Organizer, by e-mail, at the address, no later than 15 days before the date of the Grand Final.

Failing confirmation, the Organizer will offer the Duo from the same Center having placed second at the Local Final or, failing confirmation from the latter, the one having placed third to participate in the Grand Final. In the absence of participation by one of these Duos, the Centre will not be represented at the Grand Final.

To attend the Grand Final, each Participant agrees to cede his or her image rights in accordance with article 9 of these rules.

Travel expenses are covered by the Organizer up to a maximum of 120 euros per Participant, i.e. 240 euros per Duo, reimbursed on presentation of proof of transport on the day of the Grand Final drawn up in the name of each Participant. Reimbursement will be made within 10 days of the Grand Final by bank transfer to the account of each of the Participants in the Grand Final who have provided proof of transport as well as the details of the bank account receiving the sums to be paid.

If one of the members of the Duo qualified for the Grand Final has not turned up no later than 30 minutes before the start of the Grand Final, he or she will be disqualified and will not be replaced and, as an exception to the previous paragraph, his or her travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

6.2. Conduct of the Grand Final

format of the Grand Final will be determined by the Organizer according to the number of Duos present, the organization cannot be anticipated at the start date of the Tournament, it being understood that, unless otherwise stipulated, newly opened Centers may join the Tournament during the year.

The composition of the participants in each Session will be made by drawing lots on the day of the Grand Final, in the presence of all the Participants.

The Grand Final deals with questions of French, Swiss, Belgian and international culture, which the Participants accept. The notion of international culture may not be challenged by the Participants, who irrevocably accept the theme of the questions and undertake not to call into question the fairness between the Participants.

The winning Duo of the Final is declared the winner of the Tournament with the title of "Winner of the French Quiz Cup 2023".

Grand final prizes

For the Grand Final, the Prizes are as follows:
- Winning Duo: €5,000
- Second and Third Duos: Prizes to be determined by the Organizer

Participants who have won a cash Prize must provide their IBAN to the Organizer within 7 days of the date of the Grand Final. They will then receive their Prize by bank transfer within 7 days.


If the Hardware is no longer in working order during a game session, the Organizer distinguishes between 2 cases:

1. Malfunction attributable to Participants: Participants accept that the "butter question" asked before the start of a Session's points count allows them to test the proper functioning of their Hardware and that, unless a malfunction is detected and reported on this occasion, the Hardware will be deemed to be in good working order so that any malfunction of the Hardware occurring during the Session will be presumed to result from the behavior of the Participants; consequently, the Session will not be interrupted and the Participants concerned must therefore complete the Session with the Hardware offered at the start thereof;

2. General malfunction of the game or malfunction independent of the behavior of the Participants: in this case, the Session will be replayed in its entirety, with no entitlement to the points acquired during the interrupted Session.

Image rights

The winning Duo of a Quarterly Tournament or Local Final agrees to have its photo displayed in the Center for one year from the date of participation, on the display provided for this purpose.

Each Participant agrees that in case of participation in the Grand Final, photos and videos may be taken by the Organizer.

Each Participant authorizes Quizz Room SAS or any person it replaces to use, on all media and by all means, his image and other attributes of his personality for the purpose of promoting the activities of Quizz Room SAS to the public, and this on all French, Swiss and Belgian territories, as long as Quizz Room SAS operates its quiz activities.

Local tournaments

The Organizer reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel this competition. The Organizer cannot be held liable for any such modifications.

The Organizer reserves the right to extend the period during which each stage of the Tournament is scheduled to take place, to postpone any announced date or to modify the conditions of the Tournament, and cannot be held liable for any such modifications.

Local tournaments

The Rules apply to all persons taking part in the competition.

The Rules are governed by French law and, in the event of a dispute, the competent court will be that of the defendant's place of residence or that of the place where the service covered by the Rules was provided.

Appendix - Designation of local organizers

Quiz Room Aix-en-Provence: 20 rue victor leydet - 13100 Aix en Provence
‍QuizRoom Ambérieu-en-Bugey: En Belle Lièvre 01500 Château-Gaillard
‍QuizRoom Bastia: LD ARBUCETTA - 20620 Biguglia
‍QuizRoom Bergerac: 21 Route de Bordeaux - 24100 Saint-Laurent-des-Vignes
‍QuizRoom Bordeaux: 81 Rue Lucien Faure - 33300 Bordeaux
‍QuizRoom Bourges: Rue du Pressoir - 18390 Saint-Germain-du-Puy
‍QuizRoom Cherbourg: 692 Rue Jean Bouin - 50110 Tourlaville
‍QuizRoom Épinal: 1 Rue du Pré Droue, 88150 Chavelot
‍QuizRoom Genève: 36 Rue de Montchoisy 01207 Genève
‍QuizRoom Herblay: 9 Rue René Cassin - 95220 Herblaye
‍QuizRoom Lille: 7 Rue du Palais Rihour - 59800 Lille
‍QuizRoom Liège: 200 Chaussée de Tongres - 04000 Liège
‍QuizRoom Mâcon: 233 Rue d'Ozenay - 71000 Mâcon
‍QuizRoom Marseille: 9 Rue Dragon - 13006 Marseille
‍QuizRoom Mons: 353 Rue de Mons - 7011 Mons
‍QuizRoom Nantes: 92 Quai de la Fosse - 44100 Nantes
‍QuizRoom Paris: 9 Rue Guénégaud - 75006 Paris
‍QuizRoom Poitiers: 15 Avenue de Châtellerault - 86440 Migné-Auxances
‍QuizRoom Rennes: 49 Avenue Aristide Briand - 35000 Rennes
‍QuizRoom Toulouse: 148 Boulevard Déodat de Sévérac - 31300 Toulouse

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