Forget what you know about blindtest, it's a new kind of music quiz!

1h buzzing like on a TV set!

You don't need a strong voice to win

If you know the song, if it's on the tip of your tongue, if you can whistle it: it's up to you to buzz!

Be on your toes to avoid being tackled!

Those who like to play will take great pleasure in pinning down music lovers with jokers.

Your experience is 100% personalized

Choose the periods you like and the version: French, international, or both!

what's the occasion?

Bachelorette - Stag do

Are you looking for a fun and unusual activity for your buddy's bachelorette or stag party?

Offer him or her something really innovative by opting for an event in one of our quiz rooms!


Quiz Room is a fun family game that's accessible to everyone!

Your little cousins and grandparents won't be left out of this family outing!

team building

Are you looking for a festive team-building activity to unite your team and bring back memories?

The Quiz Room blindtest is ideal for energizing the team with a touch of competition to be the first to buzz!


Every year, the question arises: what's a good idea for a friend's birthday, a family member's birthday, or my own birthday?

Quiz Room will unite your guests around a fun, accessible and inclusive activity.

The original blindtest themes

It's up to you to decide whether you want only French or international music, or half and half with your team!

Here are the Blindtest Original themes, divided into bi-decades for added fun.

You may decide to put aside an era that doesn't make your band dance enough.





the quiz room

In a darkened (or almost darkened) room, teleport yourself to the Maillon Faible stage: in a circle around the screens and in front of your desk, get ready to buzz like "Question pour un champion", but with the music blasting!

A scenography reminiscent of the greatest moments of TV shows like "N'oubliez pas les paroles"! Alone or in a team, and whatever the number of players, you can sing as loud as you would at a party with your mates, but just like on a TV set!

the mechanics
of the original blindtest

With rules that evolve with each of the 3 rounds and multiple jokers, analyze your opponents to destabilize them at the right moment and even benefit from their correct answers to win points!

During an Original Blindtest, you can take control of your destiny (and that of your team) and become maestro.

But we're not saying too much... Because everything can change, right down to the last buzz!

Our signature playlists

The Original Music Quiz is a music quiz game accessible to everyone: those who love rap, pop, rock, those who think they know nothing, or the covers pro, always with guitar in hand.

No frustration in our blindtest. You can choose your era and the version of the game: French or international.

The music starts, can you recognize it? It's up to you to buzz as fast as you can!


a 3rd part for 3 times more fun

For those who love fun, laughter and a good atmosphere, for those who yell "we're not tired!" and for all those who don't want to break the mood.

We're offering you the third part to test the quiz or blindtest game of your choice.

A pre-buzz of happiness, quite simply!

you ask a lot of questions!

What are the best songs for a blindtest?

The sounds can be as varied as your taste and hearing.

Can you customize your blindtest?

From the 50s and 60s to the 70s and mtn music, the blindtest is totally customizable by selecting just the decades you want! A blindtest evening focusing on the disco years and 90s music nostalgia? Just fill in your profile and your experience will be unique ;)

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