What is The Original Quiz?


The Original Quiz is a crazy trivia game.
It’s an hour of non-stop buzzing, just like a game show.
No matter what you know, if you can buzz fast and set traps, you’re ready to roll.
So step up and get buzzing!

Your expérience is a 100% bespoke: questions and quiz games are adapted to the age and point of interests of the players.

Who is The Original Quiz for?

It's a quiz game that will play you for laughs!
We invite ALL types of guests to play a brand new kind of quiz, on a staged TV set, for about 1 hour.
The Original Quiz is the quiz that stumps straight-A students, while their more playful classmates delight in setting traps for them.

Let's get to the point: it's for each and everyone! From 8 to 88 years old.
Come with your best mate, your granny, your cousins or your colleagues. Bring the kids, even!
And for fans of the 1984 Trivial Pursuit©  edition, we'll also propose an "Expert" mode, very soon.

For once, knowledge doesn't matter here!
Our game is optimized for all people over 12 years old, with no age limits, as well as for children  from 6 to 9 years old accompanied by an adult. The questions are adapted to  the age of the participants. Come with friends, family or colleagues.

The Quiz Room©

We built a circular stage and buzzers inspired by TV games, in a set designed to evoke the greatest moments of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Whether you're answering questions solo or as part of a team, and regardless of the total number of players, get ready for an unforgettable, immersive experience!

The game

The rules change for each of the three rounds of questions and you have multiple jokers at your disposal; your task is to analyze your opponents to destabilize them at the right time, or even benefit from their correct answers to score points! In a Quiz Room© game, everything can change until the very last buzzer sounds!

The game exists in English and in French.

Our featured questions

We designed a quiz game that's accessible to all: you'll see, you  know more than you think!
All kinds of knowledge can come in handy (recognizing celebrities, listing the ingredients for  chocolate cake, Rihanna lyrics...).
Our questions will keep you on your toes with a variety of formats and themes: complete movie lines, identify a band, name a celebrity in a photo, use your reasoning to find the right answer... the variety of questions is what sets us apart!

Some questions do not require previous knowledge, but rather call upon your common sense or your powers of observation and memorization.

Customized questions (optional)

For a special event (birthday, Stag/Bachelorette party, going-away party...) or a team building,  
integrate your own questions for an even more unique experience!

After choosing this option when you book, you will receive a writing guide and a document on which you will write your 10 among the 60 questions of the game.

The questions must be written at least 3 days before your Quiz Room session, the time for us to record them by our great actors.

The Original Quiz's topics

This is the classic formula. Compose your quiz with at least one of these 6 themes. We advise you to take a mix of all the themes :-)

Thanks to the creation of a "player profile" by participant before the session, you will benefit from the questions most adapted to your age and your interests.


Quiz Musique
You don't need to have an absolute ear to be a buzzer virtuoso! Song lyrics, blind tests, life of the stars, show off your musical culture and don't hesitate to sing a song to throw off your opponents.

Cinema & series

Quiz cinéma et séries
Do you know all the lines from The Godfather? Do you think you are the Snow Queen? The dialogue in The Artist leaves you speechless? SPOILER ALERT! Here you will find questions about the world of cinema and series!


Quiz sport
Have you strengthened your game? Have you worked on your tactics? No more warm-up, it's competition day in the Quiz Room! If you don't know anything about Paul Pogba's haircuts and curling is no secret to you, tie your shoes and run to victory!

Daily life

Quiz lifestyle
Who puts the chocolate in the foil? Why does Mario Bros. wear a mustache? What is the new McIntosh brand? In this category, you don't need to graduate from Harvard to score points. The school of life is also good.


Quiz société
What is the purpose of the red button in Trump's office? Why is taking a selfie more dangerous than swimming with sharks? In which country do we live the oldest? Headlines or news stories, you've probably heard about them. Now it's your turn.

Top of the class

Quiz culture générale
Punk! Is that what they called you in the playground? Now it's time to take your revenge for all those years of suffering... impress your little friends and challenge them on questions of history, geography, or quantum physics. So, who's the favorite?

So how does it all work?

Book online

quiz room

Create your online player profile

quiz room

Arrive 10min early on D-day

quiz room

Prepare the session with the Quiz Master

quiz room

Hit the buzzer for an hour (2 games) or 1:30 (3 games)

quiz room

Debriefing with the scorecard

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