A festive and competitive spirit for a birthday party

Every year, the question arises: what's a good idea for a friend's birthday, a family member's birthday, or my own birthday?

Quiz Room will unite your guests around a fun, accessible and inclusive activity. The little touch that will make all the difference could well be the personalization of the questions; your questions will be integrated into your game session for a surprise effect that no one will expect!

Tailor-made birthday activities

Whatever the game of your choice (excluding special quizzes), Quiz Room offers you a tailor-made experience thanks to the creation of a player profile for each participant, allowing us to gather information on the age and interests of each player. Our software takes account of these specificities to propose the right series of questions, and is sure to exclude questions that some people may have already had during previous game sessions. The result is a unique and ultra-original birthday party!
Our games have plenty of surprises in store, with an immersive TV experience that makes you feel like you're there, and where the temperature rises very quickly among the participants!

Personalize your birthday with special questions (optional)

As well as selecting the questions that will give you the time of your life, you can alsoadd your own questions for maximum fun.

How will your lifelong pal react when the whole room has to answer the question: "How many years has it been since Jonathan last played sport?"
To customize up to 10 questions, select this option when you book online, then follow our writing guide and submit your questions to us no later than 5 days before your booking date.

Extend the pleasure by blowing out your candles with us

You can debrief your birthday game session in a dedicated area, where you'll discover your detailed scores and be offered drinks and snacks.

After your game, consider offering a "Chiche ou Pois Chiche" (the game from the creators of Quiz Room) or an "I'm the Quiz Room Master" t-shirt to the interested party or even to each of the winners.

Extend the pleasure by requesting a quote for catering and blow out the candles at Quiz Room.

Price list

Price per person
Number of Quizzers
2 games
3 games
4 à 6
7 à 18
13 à 36
Customized questions
60,00 €
by group
3rd game (on site)
+30 min of quiz game!
8,00 €
per person
Are you organizing an event?
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you ask a lot of questions!

THE changing activity for a birthday party?

Birthday parties aren't always easy to organize, especially between adults! How about a change from the classic afterwork drink to a fun and memorable activity? Quiz Room offers personalized quizzes to help you laugh with friends and make your birthday party an unforgettable experience, on weekdays or weekends!

Can I organize my own adult birthday party?

At Quiz Room? Of course! The most important thing at a birthday party is to have fun, of course, but you don't want your guests to get bored. You'll need to find activities to keep the magic of the evening going for as long as possible, by varying the pleasures and organizing various activities like a quiz or a blindtest at Quiz Room. Quiz Room offers an unforgettable and customizable activity, accessible to everyone.

How do you organize a birthday party for an adult?

To organize a friend's birthday party, you first need to define the theme. Then create a complete environment around it! Don't forget that your priority is to create a good time of sharing and conviviality between all the guests. At Quiz Room, you'll have everything you need to organize an original, personalized birthday party! Create memories, leave with an extra board game, a Quiz Master t-shirt, a group photo and a toast after the game!

How do you organize a Harry Potter birthday party?

A Harry Potter fan friend who already knows everything about the magical world? Quiz Room offers you a totally immersive activity on the theme of your choice and you can organize a unique birthday party thanks to our option to add 10 questions personalized by you and recorded by our super comedians.
-who is Hermione compared to Harry?
- who is Lucie's favorite character?

Is Quiz Room women's favourite birthday present?

A woman's favorite birthday gifts are usually... unique to her! You have to know your lady to be able to give her what she really wants. As well as jewelry and watches, clothes and lingerie, unusual objects are all the rage, and food for gourmets is all the rage! But the best of all remains the experience! Offer her a unique Quiz Room session and you're sure to make her happy!

How to choose the right birthday gift?

To choose the best birthday gift for a loved one, it's important that the gift matches the recipient's tastes and desires. So you'll need to find out a lot about the person... And how best to get to know their friends? With a personalized quiz, of course! Visit Quiz Room to kill two birds with one stone! Does he love music? Doesn't know the first thing about cooking techniques? Choose the Blindtest for the Quiz Bouffe.

How to wish a happy birthday in an original way?

To wish someone a happy birthday in an original way, you'll need to think about the content of your message, which should be personalized to the experiences you've had with the person. The format, meanwhile, needs to be creative. Quiz Room offers TV-style immersion quizzes with personalized questions about your friend.

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